Prince William and Kate Middleton

Friday, 29 April 2011

William Kate from Catherine Elizabeth Middleton

Kate Middleton, William KateWilliam Kate princessWilliam Kate Middleton, now all these names are in air for Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. But here we will see how Catherine Elizabeth Middleton became the William Kate,William Kate princess or William Kate Middleton. As many of the people are aware of the name Kate Middletonbut Kate Middleton’s real name is Catherine Elizabeth Middleton but now I will use the name as general public is aware off mean Kate Middleton. Please continue reading for full story of Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton is a daughter of Francis Middleton and Carole ElizabethKate belonged to an airline employed family because her mother was a flight attendant and father was airline officer in British Airways. She was the last and 3rd child of her parents and took birth at Royal Berkshire Hospital in ReadingKate got her early education from English Language Nursery school in Jordan and St. Andrew’s School in Pangbourne, Berkshire and then from Downe House for brief studies. Until now it was a story about Catherine Elizabeth Middleton.  Now we will start the story of William Kate.

After completion of early education Kate joined the Marlborough College in Wiltshire for her honor studies inHistory of Art. Now it was the place where Kate Middleton 1st time met with Prince William. Then she did some jobs like a accessory buyer and then she was interested in photography and also remained an icon of the fashion world. But with all this she remained as a good friend of Prince William. lot of news came on front about Kate Middleton and Prince Williams affair but they refused at the early stages but later on media exposed the whole story and then at the end Kate Middleton and Prince William got engaged on November 16, 2010 and  Catherine Elizabeth Middleton became the William Kate.

Kate Middleton

 Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, Kate William or Princess Kate is the topic now days. Every one is talking about this celebrity. Whole World is putting eyes on Kate Middleton these days. Let’s have a brief introduction of this celebrity today. Kate Middleton is 29 year old young lady born on January 09, 1982 in Reading, United Kingdom.  Kate Middleton a well educated lady with her Masters in Arts. Kate Middleton is a sister of one brother and a sister James Middleton and Pippa Middleton respectively. Kate Middleton was the last baby at her home and on 3rd number. Please continue your reading to know about Kate Middleton in more detail.

Kate William

William Kate Middleton

William Kate Middleton or William and Kate Middleton are not two names, not two persons and not two individuals now. Because every one take Prince William and Kate Middleton name combine together as William Kate Middleton now. So what was the original story behind William Kate Middleton every one is entrusted to now it now. Because we know that William is the Prince of United kingdom and Kate Middleton was just an ordinary citizen of the U.K before becoming William Kate Middleton.

The story of William Kate Middleton starts from an institute for students and ends at the marriage of William Kate Middleton Wedding. The story is like some kind of a romantic movies or drama. Where a boy and girl see each other, meet each other, fall in love and their ultimate goal is to become one. William Kate Middleton is another good example in the society and all over the globe that status is not the matter for getting combine. But the William Kate Middleton story tells us that there is only one need of getting together for any couple, for any new relation and that is just true love. So we congratulate to William Kate Middleton for their true and successful love story. What ever would be the ultimate end of this story we don't need to talk about this but what we need is just pray for the successful life ahead for William Kate Middleton couple after getting married on April 29, 2011.

Royal Wedding of Kate and William

kate middelton prince williams kate middelton wedding dress west royal wedding prince williams and kate medddelton kate dress prince williams dress 23 Royal Wedding: Kate and William
Kate Middleton Prince William Wedding

Kate Middleton and Prince William wedding takes place 29th April 2011. This day is now a memorable day as in the history of Royal family this wedding took place after 30 years. Around 1900 people were invited in this grand celebration except prime minister and party leaders.  So their wedding called true Royal Wedding as thousand of people were there to see their  beloved Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton. We have some picture of the wedding of Princess Kate Middleton and Prince William . Have a look

Kate Middleton Wedding

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

Let's have a look on the grand event of 29 April 2011. Wedding of Kate Middleton with Prince William..No doubt they are making a beautiful couple. 

Drake in Juno Awards 2011

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Drake 2011

Drake participates as a host in award ceremony of Juno Awards on 27 March 2011. In whole award ceremony Drake was entertaining the audience with his perfect acting and Old Money skits. Let’s have a look on some pictures of this event.

Aubrey Drake Graham

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Aubrey Drake Graham

Aubrey Drake Graham 25 years old is a famous singer, Canadian actor and recording artist. Drake has some musician family background as two of his uncles Teenie Hodges and Larry Graham are musicians.  Aubrey Drake Graham got famous on a television series Degrass The Next Generation for playing character Jimmy Brooks. In June 2009 Aubrey Drake Graham start working with Lil Wayne's Young Money Entertainment and release his first album Thank Me later on 15 June 2010. Aubrey Drake Graham worked for lots of hip-hop singers like Kanye West, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy and Jay-Z. Aubrey Drake Graham has been nominated for lots of awards like Grammys and he was invited to sing on Grammy award ceremony in 2010. Aubrey Drake Graham won lot of awards like in 2010 Aubrey Drake Graham won Jumo Awards for top New Artist and Rap Recording.

Shakira Beautiful Pictures

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Shakira beautiful pictures 

Shakira is having wonderful face that can make her out of this world after little makeup. Let's have a look on some beautiful pictures of Shakira



Shakira is getting ready to come to stage. Have a look

Shakira Did it Again

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Shakira Pique

Friday, 22 April 2011

Shakira Pique

As Shakira is a icon of the industry so some times these icons get famous due to there personal life. After Shakira ’s break up with Antonio de la Rua, in January Shakira is getting famous due to here affair with a sportsman of Barcelona famous foot ball player Pique. Shakira and Pique are together after the recording of Shakira’s famous song "Wake Waka" that is official song of World Cup 2010.  Pique was one of the several players who appear in the video of this song. But now Shakira and Pique are one of happy couples. Have a look on some picture when  Shakira and Pique are together.

Shakira 2011

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Shakira 2011

Shakira 2011 year will bring what new or extra ordinary for Shakira. Because Shakira the well known Colombian singer is famous for her belly dance but with her beautiful and unremarkable belly dance Shakira is a fabulous and great singer. Shakira is also renowned as song-writer, a great musician, professional record producer and a tremendous dancer.  Shakira song was selected as the Anthem of FIFA World cup 2010 Song officially, with the most popular lyrics of Shakira singing career WAKA WAKA . So in 2010
 Shakira waka waka gave her the record breaking popularity in all over the world. lets see is there would be another Waka Waka kind of popular song for Shakira in 2011.

Shakira 2011 in Red

 Shakira in red dress

All times shakira proves that she is a worth style actress and can carry herself in all color with her different and adorable style. Being a hot star of industry red suits her a lot. Have a look on Shakira in red dresses.

Shakira Hairstyles

  Shakira Hairstyles

Shakira Hairstyles always keep the Shakira in focus. Shakira Hairstyles makes Shakira unique in the entertainment world in 2011 is completely different now. As we know Shakira having light brown color hairs. Previously Shakira was carrying some wavy Hairstyle but now Shakira is carrying straight hair with Blond and slightly black color contrast. So like previously renowned and fame Shakira Hairstyles the new Shakira hairstyle again attracting the viewers towards Shakira. Let’s have a look on the new Shakira Hairstyles images.

Kristen Stewart Hairstyle

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart’s short hair cut is giving a new look to her personality. Kristen Stewart is now having layered and wispy hair cut that is making  Kristen Stewart  looking more adorable. Along with the fantastic hair cut  Kristen Stewart’s hair color is also giving boost to her over all personality and giving her a sexy look. Every one know that up coming summer 2011 is giving boost to the short hair cut in hair fashion 2011. So hair experts are expecting that lot of people will copy Kristen Stewart’summer hair style that is easy to carry in summer and making Kristen Stewart’s personality better than ever.

Shakira 2011: Without make up

Monday, 11 April 2011

Shakira Without Makeup

Hollywood industry gives fame to the people who are working for it. That makes them more beautiful especially on the screen. But if we look at the star in their real life we will find that they are not that much extra ordinary this is only make up that is making them looking fabulous and hot.  We have some collection of Shakira without makeup pictures. In some of these image is Shakira is with no makeup. Shakira no makeup pictures are equally attractive and gorgeous. Let have look at some pictures of Shakira that proves that Shakira is not bad in her real life. 

Shakira Hairstyle 2012

 Shakira Hairstyle 2012

Shakira is famous for her different hairstyles looks because Shakira always use to introduce some new hairstyles that mostly called Shakira Hairstyles. In up coming Summer 2011 wavy hairstyle will be popular in fashion. As lot of singers are carrying this hairstyle. So according to Hair experts popular celebrities will carry this hair cut with some of variations like hair colors and hair extension in up coming  Summer fashion 2012. As wavy hairstyle is easy to make and hair looks great in this hair fashion. This hairstyle is suitable for medium and lengthy all types of hair. Let’s have a look on Shakira carrying this HairStyle for 2012.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyle 2011

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Victoria Beckham Hairstyle

Victoria Beckham is famous to give new fashion and styles to the fashion world. As Victoria Beckham  looks great in each style she introduces. All times Victoria gives new fashion and style to the fashion industry. Victoria Beckham tried lots of different thing for her hair like hair colors and hair extensions to look different. No doubt Victoria Beckham is looking hotter in her new hair cut in. Quite different selection of her hair color is giving boost to her personality. As people waiting for Victoria Beckham to have a new hair cut so they can adopt her style so definitely Victoria Beckham will be next hair fashion trend setter of 2011.

Shania Twain's HairStyle 2011

Shania Twain
No doubt that singer and actress are beauty trend setter of all years in fashion industry. So definitely in 2011 there are some people to do this job inspired by their own unique style and fashionSHANIA TWAIN is a famous pop singer of industry. She is having good taste of dressing. Along with her classic dressing she carries every thing in a good way. So in 2011  Shania Twain  may be a beauty trend setter due to her beautiful hair.  Let have a look

Insight Victoria Beckham's Family

Monday, 4 April 2011

Victoria Beckham Family

Other than being an icon of Hollywood Victoria Beckham is also a perfect mother. She got three sons Broklyn, Romeo and Cruz who consider  to be best child in Holly Wood related personalities that show that with a successful actress Victoria Beckham is also a great mom. 

Victoria Beckham: Shopping craze

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Victoria Beckham

Like every women Victoria Beckham also love to go for shopping. According to some reports Victoria Beckham spend lavishly on her own self and her family especially for his husband David Beckham. The amount that  Victoria Beckham  spends for shopping is approximately 1.6 million dollars. Here is some glimpse of this newsV

James Cameron Avatar

James Cameron

James Cameron is the most tremendous director in Hollywood film industry. James Cameron is also well known for his documentary and remote vehicles movies. He gave lots of super hit movies to the Hollywood like Battle Angel, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Titanic, Strange Days, True Lies, Alien IV, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Abyss, Aliens, Rambo: First Blood Part II, Xenogenesis.

Titanic was  James Cameron  most romantic movie which became the heights grossing movie. After this James Carmon gives another block buster movie to make his dream comes truth to make 3D fusions movies Avatar.  James Cameron  is considers as specialist in Art and fiction movies. Avatar and Titanic is the James Cameron highest grossing film at $1.8 billion budged
James Cameron Avatar

James Cameron

James Cameron Avatar

James Cameron Avatar

James Cameron Avatar

James Cameron

James Cameron Avatar

James Cameron

James Cameron Avatar

James Cameron Avatar

James Cameron

Victoria Beckham Photoshoot

Victoria Beckham Photoshoot

Hollywood industry is full of hot stars and everyone know that Victoria Beckham is among famous celebrities of Hollywood. Victoria Beckham  start  her career as a dancer and she is also a  member of Spice girlSpice girl give a great boost to Victoria Beckham in her professional life. Given blow are some highlights of Victoria Beckham being a successful icon of Hollywood.

Pregnant Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Pregnant

Where Hollywood industry is filled with lots of thrill and actions there is another concept to have family and the personal life of Hollywood stars. Victoria Beckham is one of top stars of Hollywood. She is in the list of pregnant star in 2011. She already has 3 son Brooklyn, Rome and Cruz and now she is wishing to have a baby girl in coming summer. Lot of good wishes is for Victoria Beckham and David Beckham.

James Cameron Avatar

Saturday, 2 April 2011

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